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Rooted Together​

Yoga & Wellness

Why "Rooted Together"?

It is said that Sequoia trees are the largest living creatures on the planet, growing up to 300 feet tall!  

They are able to stand so tall because of their intertangled root systems, creating stability and strength in community.  Learn more about me and about my inspiration here as we "Root Together"!  

(This and above image courtesy of Google images)

Learn about Marla's

qualifications and background 

Photo credit: Logan Harding of Shadowpoint Media

Marla is the first and only Licensed Practitioner of Yoga for the Special Child in North Carolina!  Learn more about how yoga can help your child.

Marla is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and loves to share about the amazing healing properties of these oils and products!

Let's get Rooted Together!

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